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Thoughts on Online Advertising Agency Today

I have been doing online marketing on my own for the past 3 years since i left my last sales job at a advertising agency. The reason why i left is because i felt there was something wrong with the current agency model. Current advertising agency model: The current model of business that most agencies [...]


Google Places Results Problem

Google is a awesome search engine but once in awhile you do expect them to have a minor hiccup. Was searching for a locksmith in Singapore today when i saw a cake shop appearing on the 2nd place of google maps. Well in all fairness, it did state locksmith in the catagory choosen. However, it [...]


How effective is Google places?

There has been a small little question that has been nagging at the back of our mind for a little while now. The question that has been bugging us is how effective Google places is exactly. At times we can term google places the lazy man way of SEO. Because using google places is a [...]