About Us

NicholasChua.com is a Singapore base site for businesses to get independent advice on online marketing using tools such as Google Adwords and SEO. Having managed accounts in various industries such as locksmith, investigator as well as e-commerce store, we bring to you various experiences that we have had with online marketing.

We help businesses to generate quality traffic to their websites. We take a strong interest in leads and sales generation at a low cost.

John Wanamaker (considered by some as the father of modern advertising) once said:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Marketing ConsultantWhat if we can change that statement? What if we can make advertising more accountable? Our firm belief is that statistics doesn’t lie.

. We provide emails and one on one session with our clients. Such discussion allows us to understand the business of our clients and more importantly, for the client to understand us more.

. We firmly believe that salesperson (the type that goes out aggressively to secure contract) is something which the advertising industry should have less. They increase cost (which is passed on to the client by the way) and are more concern about their quotas. (Trust me, no one cares about how well your business is going to do. What’s more important is how much their pocket is going to earn.)

. We believe that you should have more control over your advertising campaign. This is something more important than you can ever imagine. Your marketing campaign makes a direct impact on your sales. Your marketing cost affects your expenses.