Pay Per Clicks (PPC) Advertising – Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing

pay per click - PPC on Google adwords and yahoo search marketingLooking to gain more business from search engines? There are basically 2 places where you can gain customers from using search engine and that is from the organic result or their (PPC) pay per click advertising platform.

The PPC platform is one of the best way to start online marketing. The 2 most common platform used is Google adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

By using PPC advertising, the results are almost instant. To set up a good campaign would typically take us a week of research followed by another week for a proper campaign management set up on the google adwords system. Read here for more on campaign set up.

Pay per click using Google adwords

One of the best place to get sales lead from is They are the leading search provider on the internet currently followed by Yahoo. Having work closely with our clients, we realized that the sales lead from Google tends to be better in converting to sales. However, this may differ from industry to industry.